Welcome Section

We are proud to be a Great British sustainable small cottage business.

We are based by the sea in Mawgan Porth Cornwall.

We love the people we work with.

We love the environment we work in.

We enjoy creating fantastic bespoke products.

We are “Printed by the Sea”.

The adventure so far

Read Ben's amazing journey about how ``Printed by the Sea`` started their adventure in Mawgan Porth here.

Screen Printing Solutions

Utilising our traditional hand printed carousel we lovingly print with water and also oil based inks to create beautiful unique peices.

Product Testimony

We print for Clothing Brands, Surf Shops, Dental Brands, Pubs, Cafe's, Events, Bands, Schools, Universities, Clubs and beyond.

Screen Printing Solutions

Create your design or straight to print
Whether you have spent hours working on a completed design or you have an idea, our creative team can help you develop this into a winning concept.
How we print
With out boring you!, we use age old screen printing methods and specialist techniques such as discharge printing. We print with waterbased, plastisol and athletic plastisol inks to create fantastic results.
What we print
Whether you need a high end labeled brand or a give away promotional garment we work closely with a number textile providers to offer a diverse range of printable products.

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Bags, Wetsuits, Rashvests, Cushions, Covers, Tea Towels, Handkerchiefs & Mugs.